This e-Learning course walks participants through the Seed System Security Assessment (SSSA) process and then focuses on targeted responses, depending on the key constraints identified.

The 8 modules are highly interactive: participants explore how to: collect key data, decide if farming households are stressed (the demand side); and assess if seed markets are adequately functioning (the supply side). Throughout, hands-on exercises and frequent knowledge checks help verify that participant learning is proceeding well.

The course draws field insights from real SSSAs— conducted in many of the crisis hotspots in the world. One module actually models what happened in three distinct disaster scenarios—presents the evidence—and then has participants reflect on the short- and medium-term response actions required.

While the aim of the e-Learning course is to build basic skills (e.g. how to do an SSSA), it also encourages practical thinking: what information is absolutely needed in a disaster scenario, and how can one link the findings to an effective (and do-able) action plan.

SSSA e-Learning course: full course