Here we list recent SSSA field presentations, upcoming assessments, awareness raising events, and training opportunities. Please do contact us, if your organization has a ‘seed security event’ to share.

  • Tue

    The 180th Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) public meeting will seek to understand the unique challenges of improving the agricultural sector and food security in conflict-affected and fragile contexts in order to strengthen investments in evidence-based, tailored food and agriculture programming. This BIFAD public meeting begins to address this need by bringing stakeholders together for a timely discussion on the subject.  The event will specifically address the following questions: What is the state of knowledge on the relationship between conflict, fragility and food systems? What are the implications of this relationship for food security? How can food security and agricultural investments be most effective in preventing conflict or accelerating recovery in post-conflict settings?

    For more information, please contact  Devin Ferguson, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities  (

  • Sun

    Penn State University have organized a Special Issue themed “Agrobiodiversity Change in Conflict and Post-Conflict Landscapes”. Abstract submissions from authors interested in discussions on the interactions of violence and agrobiodiversity are welcomed.

    Please send your abstracts (no more than 300 words) to Gabriel Tamariz at and Megan Baumann at by Sunday, February 10, 2019.

    Participants are encouraged to reflect on aspects of their research related to topics including but not limited to:

    • - How has agrobiodiversity been impacted by physical and non-physical types of violence? [Violence and Impacts on Agrobiodiversity]

    • - How have smallholder farmer livelihoods and the spaces of food and nutritional security been redefined by the risks but also the opportunities present in (post)conflict landscapes? [Farmer livelihoods, Food and Nutrition Security and Outcomes in Conflict Landscapes]

    • - How does conflict influence the on-farm and regional cultivation and exchange of seed diversity? [Exchange of Seed Diversity, Cultivation and Conflicts]

    • - How have local agrobiodiversity knowledge and networks supported the recovery of post-conflict landscapes? [Local Agrobiodiversity Knowledge and Networks in Post-conflict Landscapes]

    • - How have markets and mobility (such as migration) interacted with agrarian violence and agrobiodiversity? [Markets, Mobility, Agrobioversity and Interaction with Agrarian Violence]

    • - How are the historical formation and colonial histories of agrarian structures related to violence and agrobiodiversity? [Colonial History and Links to Conflicts and Agrobiodiversity]

    • - What are the roles of the state in agrarian violence with differing influences on food biodiversity? [Roles of State in Agrarian Violence and Effect on Food Biodiversity]

    If you would like to display this Call for Papers in your institution, you can download the printable poster below. Thank you in advance.

    Click here to download Agrobiodiversity Change in Conflict and Post-Conflict Landscapes